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Accountants be warned: Train your team on the importance of increasing cyber threat

Accountants be warned: Train your team on the importance of increasing cyber threat   An increase in public reporting on major cyber security incidents, over the last 12 months, has put mandatory data breach reporting schemes in the spotlight internationally. Notable examples include data breaches involving hotel group Marriot International, property valuer LandMark White, and the airlines […]

Are We (Raising) Information Addicts?

Are We (Raising) Information Addicts? Do you check your phone several times a day? When you wake up in the middle of the night do you check your phone before going back to sleep? Even though you’re not expecting any important messages. A new study has found that information acts on the brain’s dopamine-producing reward […]

How Technology is Improving the Franchise Industry Around the world

The 2008 global financial crisis, or “Great Recession”, devastated levels of consumer spending and investment alike. Few sectors could thrive in the faltering economic climate and the franchise sector was no different. Left in survival mode, franchisees struggled to maintain their ever-shrinking market share and the outlook to pitch major investments to prospects was increasingly […]

Fairness in Franchising – Are you ready?

Australia’s recent Franchising Inquiry, which highlighted significant challenges facing the sector, sparked a flood of commentary from academics, law-makers and industry pundits in the media on the subject of industry-wide regulatory adjustment. Specifically, stakeholders in the franchise industry are keeping a keen eye on the areas that new regulatory frameworks are likely to target.  The […]

Top Tips for Selling a Small Business

Selling any business successfully takes preparation and knowledge in order to get the best result in the shortest time. Every business is different and therefore, deserve a different level of attention. There are several key issues that need to considered not only to ensure a good sale but also a smooth transition for the new […]

Interview with Jacqueline Steinschaden, b.rain’s Head of Digital Services.

The evolution of cloud accounting and how embracing technology is informing and transforming the nature of traditional client to accountant relationships

The value of culture

An analysis of different business leaders’ experiences advocates that achieving higher productivity and profitability is directly related to their approach to business culture and creating a sense of purpose for their workforces.

The rainmakers who are shaking up their industry

In our ever-changing business environment, companies are now faced with a choice: adapt or die. As such, RAiN with its innovative approach to survival adapts to thrive.

Is The Death Knell Upon Bookkeepers In 2019?

“The way we do bookkeeping has changed tremendously but the importance of the function of bookkeeping hasn’t changed.”-Mel Power-