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Case study: BestDrive and Dunlop

Front-end system with integrated point-of-sale and accounting in the automotive industry

BestDrive and Dunlop were struggling with inefficient stock management. With the help of b.rain, they were able to take back control.

b.rain - Case Study - BestDrive & Dunlop

The challenge

The companies’ primary business challenge was keeping track of stock, as thousands of invoices and orders were duplicated, in lieu of a front-end system within their sales and retail divisions.

b.rain - Case Study - BestDrive & Dunlop

The solution

b.rain thus recommended the deployment of a front-end system in conjunction with the integration of a point-of-sale (PoS) system and with a responsive accounting solution, the business has been streamlined and optimised with the provision of accurate and up-to-date data, upon which it can manage its stock.

b.rain - Case Study - BestDrive & Dunlop

The result

The integrated system has produced more effective and efficient stock and operational management. In this way, both companies avoided spending resoures on installing an expensive hardware solution, as all their front-end reporting and PoS needs were furnished with b.rain’s tailored intuitive software solution.

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