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Case Study: Famous Brands

Point of sale integration for quick service restaurants (QSRs) within the Famous Brands franchise.

We were approached by Steers, Fishaways, Debonairs and Milky Lane, which are part of the Famous Brands group, to assist them make insightful business decisions and improve their operations.

b.rain - Case Study - Famous Brands

The challenge

Previously, invoicing at each restaurant required manual entry and with thousands of invoices on hand the businesses were unable to reconcile bank with actual payments received. In addition, the lack of complete and up-to-date data, impeded management’s ability to make effective and informed strategic and operational decisions.

b.rain - Case Study - Famous Brands

The solution

b.rain recommended that an integrated the point-of-sale (PoS) system with an accounting solution be implemented across each franchisee. This eliminated duplicate or manual capturing of data by back office staff, thus optimising operations by freeing up resources, making the process efficient and effective to allow for better-informed management and decision-making.

b.rain - Case Study - Famous Brands

The result

The implementation of this improved, smarter system has created greater efficiencies across the franchise. Management has since been able to base its decisions on up-to-date, complete and accurate data, thereby improving overall operations.

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