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Case Study: Howler

Accounting software implementation to streamline reporting

Howler is a cashless payment system for concert-goers that allows for safe, real-time, convenient payments/transactions.

b.rain - Case Study - Howler

The challenge

Initially, the cumbersome process that the company implemented for their accounting records was identified as directly related to (and interfering with) the accuracy of their profit and loss reporting.

b.rain - Case Study - Howler

The solution

Upon conducting a robust analysis of Howler’s business and accounting needs, b.rain implemented an integrated software-driven accounting solution to streamline the recording process.

b.rain - Case Study - Howler

The result

With accurate and complete data providing insight into all nature and number of transactions; the company’s management was able to monitor the profitability of projects on an individual basis and this greatly improve operational efficiency.

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