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Business analytics

Insight, intelligence and action

At b.rain we understand the complexities and challenges our clients face, in an ever-changing, globalized business environment. b.rain’s business intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions partner, Manthan, an industry leading, Dubai-based firm specializing in prescriptive analytics applications powered by AI on the cloud, for customer-facing or retail business clients. As such, we are well placed to provide the appropriate type and level of support our clients require to mitigate, manage and meet these needs. Our smart business analytics tools provide clients with in-depth relevant and actionable insights into their organisations’ operational planning and management needs.

This includes:

  • Client needs.
  • Product and service demand trends.
  • Forecasting and planning mechanisms to better position themselves in the market, vis-a-vis competitors, and thus meet demand within their market segment.

Moreover, our powerful business intelligence tool utilises sales and client data information, to produce various easy-to-understand, visual representations, of each possible scenario or result, allowing for the creation of confident, informed decisions at the strategic and operational levels.

At b.rain we believe in forming trust-based relationships with our clients to partner with them on a journey of continuous growth. Part of this process is regular risk evaluation, mitigation and elimination. As risks are highlighted, the b.rain team makes intuitive and actionable recommendations to suit clients’ individual needs and capacity. This bespoke solution aligns business requirements and improves efficiencies by ensuring that clients’ businesses remain complaint, while optimising operations, to facilitate growth.

Use real-time insights to take strategic action.
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