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Schools management

Seamless, smart, 360 degree, school administration and curriculum management solution designed to support learners, parents, care-givers and educators.


b.rain is committed to helping learners grow into the future leaders of South Africa. We have created an innovative School and Learner management system, specifically for disadvantaged schools, supported by the Pick n Pay Education Foundation and Woolworths MySchool Programme.

Through SchoolTree, b.rain has pioneered the development of a bespoke, niche market school management and learner system. SchoolTree makes it smarter, more efficient and easier for primary and secondary educational institutions to manage their administrative functions. The systems that encompass SchoolTree combine to provide the South African Department of Education with a single, seamless and integrated management tool to assess schools performance effectively and measure their contribution to learner results.

SchoolTree is comprised of three systems.

SMS EDGE, developed by Massey University in New Zealand, is a comprehensive database that stores all the information on learners which schools require. This includes, personal details like home address and siblings, to their daily class schedule and extracurricular activities, along with additional information such as allergies or medication learners need to take during school hours.

By harnessing the power of Edge Learning Systems, b.rain implements software-as-a-service (SaaS) school management systems to streamline all relevant administration functions. This cloud-based, end-to-end service integration is implemented on an individual basis, at each school. Full training as well as tech and after-sales support is provided to all users.

The Learning Management System (LMS) runs the school planning, controlling timetables, curriculum, communication, assessments results and even the school’s social media. LMS was developed by Edsby, a Canadian-based software firm. With this cloud based learner management system, b.rain offers a bespoke online solution enabling students to access relevant study material from their curriculum, anywhere and anytime, on any web-enabled or smart device.

The system facilitates improved communication by providing access to an interactive channel on which learners, parents and teachers can engage. This continuous monitoring improves learners’ performance and allows teachers to compile a portfolio of evidence, or progress report, for each learner.It also enables the Department of Education to evaluate individual schools or teachers in terms of their class results as well as student performance at an individual level.

The final piece of the puzzle is a Xero add-on to run finances and reporting.

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