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System integrations

Streamline operations with real business insights

b.rain has identified cost saving opportunities in QSR franchise operations, particularly by addressing inefficiencies in back-office administration. At b.rain, we believe that better solutions are available, which enable operators to improve operations, save costs and increase profitability.

b.rain has developed tailored, integrated solutions with various point of sale (PoS) vendors and multiple accounting solutions to suit the retail needs of operators within the franchise space. In partnering with franchisors and franchisees alike, b.rain invests in a forward looking, long-term growth relationship with clients.

This approach, based on in-depth knowledge of our clients’ unique businesses needs and strategic goals, makes it possible to eliminate inefficiencies such as duplication in data capturing and administrative tasks. We achieve this by comprehensive operational assessments aimed at identifying deficiencies and risks within the business. And, by streamlining data capturing and standardising the administrative functions around operational accounting, we are able to manage any discrepancies and exceptions in real time, effectively and with improved efficiency.

Moreover, in exercising optimized control over daily cash-up and actual funds received, to ensure and produce greater accuracy in reporting; operators are given the highest quality information upon which to base strategic business decisions.

Optimise your operations. Increase your profitability.
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